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Gaps, chips, cracks, and a host of other dental problems can be hidden with Lumineers®. Lumineers® are as thin as a contact lens, and unlike traditional veneers, they are placed over existing teeth without the need to extensively remove sensitive tooth structure. They are a virtually painless way of correcting problems with your teeth, and they have been clinically proven to last more than 20 years. After an impression of your teeth is made, Lumineers® are tailored to fit over your existing teeth and shaded to blend in with the rest of your smile. Then, they are bonded to the surface of the teeth using a special dental adhesive and curing light that should keep the Lumineers® in place for many years. Lumineers® are placed with minimal discomfort, and generally require only two office visits. Having Lumineers® placed over damaged, stained, or gapped teeth can change the whole appearance of your smile, and turn it from ordinary to brilliant in no time.

lumineers before and after smile