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Crowns and Bridges

Broken or decayed teeth do not only affect the way your smile looks, but also the way you feel. Tooth decay can cause sensitivity, bad breath, and pain. These things can be remedied with a Semi-precious or Procera® All-Porcelain crown. Crown preparation includes the removal of damaged tooth surface and the custom fabrication of a crown. It is designed and shaded to fit your individual smile!

Made up of two crowns connected by an artificial tooth, a bridge is used to eliminate a gap left by a missing tooth. A bridge's crowns are carefully placed over teeth surrounding a gap so that the artificial tooth fills in the empty space. In addition to restoring the appearance of your smile, a bridge can also prevent your teeth from shifting toward the space where your natural tooth is missing.

For crowns and bridges, we often use Semi-Precious restorations. A Semi-Precious crown is strong and durable, employing a more advanced dental design than standardl crowns. The crown also looks natural at the gum line, with no black lines, and reduces the accumulation of harmful bacteria. These crowns are hypo-allergenic, non-corrosive, and utilize stronger, more cosmetic porcelain. With proper professional and at-home care, these crown attributes can greatly increase the longevity of your dental work.

Dr. Petrilli also uses a variety of cosmetic crowns and bridges that are free of metal, like Procera® All Ceramic, and Empress 2 Ceramic crowns. Dr. Petrilli has over 18 years of experience with crown and bridge work. Let his expertise bridge the gap in your smile.

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